Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayer Bowl

Give wings to your prayer
While you release your cares
Look within the small bowl
To remember angels love
And let it fill your soul.

Say a prayer
Write hopes dreams or sorrows on blank white paper
Fold and place in your bowl
Burn the paper
Say Thank You
Allow the miracle to happen

The above words are on a card that comes with the bowl.

This Prayer Bowl is one of my claims to fame. Its been seen in catalogs like Femail Creations, Heartbeats and Abbey Blessings. It has been sold to churches, women's groups, and various recovery groups nation wide.

I created the bowl in homage to my grandmother. I was her care giver for the last three years of her life. I watched her slip away from me as she battled Alzheimer's. Nine months before her passing she started to speak of going upstairs and the beautiful music she could hear from there. She kept looking for the door to take her upstairs.

The experience touched my life. I walked back into my studio after her death and had to create a piece in her honor. I come up with the bowl. It is based on the Japanese tea bowl and the Tibetan begging bowl. It is Raku fired because the process is transformation through fire like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The three angels and the instructions touch on many religions world wide. The purpose of the bowl is promote the universal language of love and understanding. A way to speak to upstairs!!!

If interested in getting one -
www.hstoneware.etsy.com is my store

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the flames

I do these in an electric kiln. Most people use a Raku kiln, but that means cracks when any breeze hits the pots. So I build the shelves up to the top of the kiln. Turn the kiln on to high for about an hour then turn it off and start adding feathers, cat hair, dog hair, snake shed, leaves and the normal horse hair. I have even used my own hair. You only have about 3 min. to work in. Then its to cool. The smell is TERRIBLE!!!!
After the pot have cooled off then they can be washed. Then its time for the acrylic spray to protect the surface.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why pottery is in a blog.....

I have been a full time potter for going on twenty years. Selling in craft shows, galleries and catalogs. When I am out talking to my customers I spend about half my time explaining how I do my craft.
The history of Raku.
What is the best burning material?
What is stoneware and can it be microwaved?
How hot does a kiln get?
Is there any lead in my glazes?
There is so much to the world of clay. It is the study of not only the manipulation of the clay, but also chemistry, geology, structural physics and history. I do not know it all and am always learning more everyday. Yet I will pass on all the information as I get it.